"RAGS TO RUGS"   by Sally
My highest priority is to provide you with the finest quality "Rag Rug" and the best personal service.
I take great pride in the appearance of each of my rugs and the quality of my workmanship. My rugs are made extremely durable and washable. Guaranteed to last a lifetime!
Each "hand crafted" rug recieves a personalized tag that will show the date your rug was made and....... that your rug was made "special"  just for you..... with your name on it!  
(If you are purchasing your rug as a gift I would  be happy to personalize the tag for you with the recipients name on it!)
You will also recieve a number "unique to each rug". This number represents the number of rugs that I have made in order to date.
BTW..... I have made over 3400 rugs in the last few years with all my customers 100% satisfied!
My husband and I with our four beautiful daughters!
Our home by the lake!

Feel free to call me if you have any questions!
Sally cell: 402-469-0045

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